Days Gone Bye

Losing Track of the Seasons

Days Gone Bye

If you know how much time you had left, what would change?

Back when I was a kid, my sense of time was very defined - autumn, winter, and spring were for school, and summer was for vacation and freedom.

As an adult approaching thirty, I pretty much lost sense of time dilation - the days would feel long, but the years would slash on by, and that scared me.

I just hit the six year mark at my first and only corporate job out of office, hit a fat raise, and feel so empty inside.

I have a good bit of money saved up… but that’s pretty up it.

If things were different and I owned a home or had a family, I think I would be ecstatic about the idea of getting more money so I can continue to put roots down and support people outside of myself.

But as I noted in Turn of the Century, it is not where I want to be - not quite yet.

With all that being said…

What’s Next?

Since the beginning of last year (my five year mark at my corporate job), I decided I would save up as much money as possible, and leave my job at the six year mark.

I continually asked myself, “What would I do I didn’t have to work anymore?”, and the answer always turned into telling stories in virtual reality.

Starting next week, I will be temporarily free of the corporate grind, and start exploring what to with the rest of my life.

I look forward to experiencing the seasons once more 🌸


This week’s banner post is from Amagi Brilliant Park - it’s a short, cute, and funny story about a failing amusement park having only 90 days to turn around their operations before being shut down for good.

I admittedly liked it more than I expected (especially their rendition of preschoolers 🤣), so I invite you to give it a shot!

I also recently discovered that I loved to dance - even though I’m not the greatest at it, and remembered this song which inspired today’s blog title.

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