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The Digital Ripple Effect

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What happens when you finally hit that submit button?

I’ve been a lurker on the internet ever since good ol’ dial up days.

In my fear of stirring the pot while growing up, I never left comments anywhere or created posts at all, essentially being a digital ghost.

But starting at the beginning of last year, something changed…

I was asked (not demanded) to lean into the uncertainty of both posting comments and posting content online, and the strangest thing happened.

Someone reacted.

A real human on the other side of that dial-up cord.

Normal Internet User

I act terribly old and just never got into the trend of posting every single waking moment of my life to social media, so that usually means I unintentionally ignore most of the opportunities to connect with others online.

But now that I’m experimenting with curating my posts to make an account with content I would love to see, sometimes I drop a nice message to friends I’ve met only once, and sometimes friends I have not made at all.

What happens next is always a happy surprise, because somewhere down the line, our paths cross again…

And it’s not like strangers meeting up for the first time…

That Warm Fuzzy Feeling When Your Meet the Friends Waiting for You!

But one-time acquaintances now becoming lifetime friends.

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