There is Always Something

An Elusive Dream for the Ideal Scenario

There is Always Something

How much you would get done if you had zero distractions in life?

This marks the first week of being unemployed from my corporate job.

I always dreamed of a situation where I did NOT have a full-time job, so then I can work full-time on my projects and hobbies.

I always made the 9-5 my excuse for not being farther ahead in my projects, but something recently dawned on me.

Even if I didn’t have a full-time job, I still have people that want to spend time with me, and as someone who claims to be present in the moment, I always accept the request.

These outings take time, it actually seems like the 9-5 protected me by making me artificially busy.

Do I regret time with others?

Not in particular, but the looming dread of running out of time without finishing everything I want to do hangs over me everyday.

What is the true cost?


Today’s image is from The Dungeon of Black Company, an anime where the main character succeeds with all their goals in life, and is magically whisked away to start at rock bottom in a new world.

Does he complain about losing everything?

Yes, but but he gets to work to make sure he gets back to the top once more.

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