World of Swords

Do Not Regret Anything

World of Swords

Your World of Opportunity

A long time ago, I came across this scene in the first episode of Sword Art Online

In this world, a single blade can take you anywhere you want to go. And even though it’s a virtual world, I feel more alive in here than I ever did in the real world. Kirito

This quote has stuck with me with for over a decade, dreaming of this magical place where I too could finally feel like I could achieve and exceed my potential.

As it turns out, it’s always been here.

It all starts with what you believe you can do.

Funnily enough, I got this realization from my investing mentor, telling me to always be on the lookout of the investing opportunities around me, but especially…

To not regret what has already come to pass.

I used to live in fear of every mistake I have yet to make, and lament over the actions I did not take in the past.

As I reach the end of Floor 2, I now look forward to what obstacles may come in my way and how much more I have to screw up and learn from.

This world of opportunity is now my world of swords.

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